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Anna Frozen 2 Cosplay Tutorial

I just released by newest costume tutorial on Youtube - How to make Anna's travel costume from Frozen 2!

Now I made this last summer when very few reference images were out so I missed a lot of details. I didn't expect to like this costume so I didn't invest in good materials either but BOY WAS I WRONG. I LOVE this costume and eagerly await remaking it! Below is not only the amounts of each material I used but also what materials I plan to use when I remake it and details I plan to add!

For reference I am 5'6" and my bust/waist/hip circumferences are 34/28/36.

For the undershirt:

1 yard of marigold spandex


1 yard of marigold linen (a more breathable option)

1 yard of a orange trim

For Obi belt:

1 yard of leather or faux leather

For the Dress:

~6 yards of black twill with a slight stretch


~6 yards of stretch Woven cotton Pique

~6 yards of the same marigold linen as above for the lining, bias trim, and sleeve puffs

1 yard of trim for the cuffs

For the pants:

~4 yards of the brushed cotton I used for the obi last time.

This image is quite clear with the details I missed previously such as the scalloped edge on the skirt, and bias tape all around the bottom. I'll need to stitch the leg slit down to about mid thigh. I will need to find more appliques to put at the bottom of the skirt. I will also need to make the obi straps longer to wrap around the waist twice as shown, as well as make the ends flare out like bow ends shown here:

Hope you found this helpful and if you use my tutorial, tag me on instagram so I can see your work! @letdownyourgoldenhair

Happy crafting!


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