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Cinderella Dress Tutorial

I recently uploaded a full tutorial of how to make Cinderella's iconic gown, including my own take on the famous transformation scene.

I had made Cinderella once before in her popular blue but this time, for the tutorial, I wanted to shake it up a bit! I went with her animation accurate silver. "But its blue!" you may say. Well, no. It's not. Looking at the iconic transformation scene and most scenes thereafter, her dress is silver. Her dress only turns blue once she and the prince dance in the shadows of the garden for "So This Is Love". Color theory dictates that shadows have a blue/grey hue so when a dress that sparkles like a magic mirror gets into the shadows, of course it would look blue! Now, I can't verify this but my understanding is Disney switched to marketing her to being in a blue dress as it would be strange to see little girls running around in a silver, almost white, dress- like that of a wedding dress. I still very much love the blue dress but I think its fun to see the silver represented too!

That being said below is the tutorial, supplies and how much yardage I used. Bear in mind, I am a 5'6" woman, with a 34 bust, 28 waist and 36 hips so you may need to adjust your yardage accordingly.

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-Hoop skirt

-Upcycled petticoat from an old wedding dress

-1 yard twill

-10 yards silver cotton with tinsel woven in

-3 yards silver sequin mesh

-6 yards white satin

-3 yards white organza

-all relevant corset materials as outline in my corset series

-Synthetic whale bone from Burnley and Trowbridge

-White gloves

-Clear heels

-Earrings from The Quirky Creation Etsy (Not Sponsored)

-A wide headband

-Hot glue

-6 yards satin ribbon


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