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Rapunzel Wig Material Breakdown & Cost

So you want to know the cost of this wig, huh?

In this post, I’ll go over all materials needed to build your own Rapunzel wig, where to get them and how much it costs.

If you haven’t seen the build video, you can watch it below- don’t forget to subscribe!

All items used will be linked here:

*These are affliate links

Nailing the color is one of the most important factors and the hardest. When shopping for wig colors, there 4 main blonde colors- Pale/Bleach, Ash/Cool, Gold/Honey and Dark.

The closest color to the movie is the Gold/ Honey however many listings are mislabeled. Most wig colors are identified by a number, bleach blonde being 613, dark blonde being 27 and honey/golden #24. My wig is a #24 with highlights of #613 however it is not an Ash Blonde. Even the image below is technically incorrect as the middle color is not ashy but golden- hence why getting the color right is difficult. Ash blonde implies a cool grey undertone where a gold blonde implies a yellow undertone. So keep the color in mind as you order and give yourself time to return the wigs if the color is wrong.

Okay enough hair color theory- Below is the listing for my base wig but at the time of writing it is not available so I added some options to my Amazon but test them at your own risk as I cannot garuntee the color.

My wig:

Other options here:

As for cost, I recommend 3 wigs but you may be able to get by with just 2. We'll need the base wig, plus a wig to make the base thicker and another wig for the braid tail extension. We'll estimate to the greater and say about $55 each so $165 total.

To make the braid tail we need jumbo braid, also known as kanekalon, in our same color number 24. Also, make sure to get the 82in braid otherwise you'll have to make your twill tape longer and link more hair throughout. Amazon actually has the better deal here at $30 for 6 bundles which can be enough if you want a smaller braid. I estimate I used about 9 to make mine including the 2 mini braids on the tail and the wrap abound braid on the loose hair extension, plus make sure to set aside a little for the base wig. If you get 2 packages of 6, this will set you back $60.

For the construction of the tail, you will need 3-4 yards of twill tape depending on your size and how long you want the tail to be. Amazon has a good deal for 10 yds of 1in wide tape for $7. But you could also find this at Joann's.

To hook the hair into the twill tape, you’ll need a latch hook. You can get a set on Amazon for $6, or less if you go to your local beauty supply.

You’ll need some blonde hair nets which you can get for $5 on Amazon or a little less at your local beauty supply.

You’ll need a 4x4 square of a densely woven fabric like a twill or canvas, I won’t include cost on this due it’s small nature and you can likely find clothing to upcycle if you don’t want to buy fabric, even a few layers of muslin will do. Same applies to the braid pillow and buttons- they can be bought from Joann’s for a few bucks.

You will also need about 3 yard of tulle in a matching color to the hair, you can get 40 yards for $15 on Amazon or just the amount you need for $6 at Joann’s.

For the attachment, I used 2 swivel hook and d-rings. I got mine from Joann’s for $10 but you can get them for less with a coupon. Or get 100 for the same price on Amazon for all your various swivel hook needs!

Lastly, you’ll need clear zipties which you can get for $1 at your local Dollar Tree or 99, flowers which you can get from the 99 or Dollar Tree, and these twist hair pins which you can get for $9 on Amazon.

In total, if you buy everything on Amazon- the supplies come to about $280. But you can definitely get that price down with more thrifty shopping.

Now this price is assuming you have styled some wigs before and own the following items but I’ll also include a brief cost breakdown if you have not.

Wig block: $27

Hair threader: $7 (cheaper at local beauty supply)

Rat-tail comb: $6 (cheaper at local beauty supply)

Teasing brush: $10 (cheaper at local beauty supply)

Wig combs: $6 (cheaper at local beauty supply)

G2b hair spray: $10

Bobby pins: $5 (cheaper at local beauty supply)

Wig Pins: $5 (cheaper at local beauty supply)

Hair clips: $2 (At Dollar Tree or 99)

Rubber hair bands: $1 (At Dollar Tree or 99)

Hot glue and gun: $3 a(At Dollar Tree or 99)

1 in rollers: $1 (At Dollar Tree or 99)

Needle and thread or sewing machine: $1-up

If you were to go out and buy everything on this list then you will be setback about $400 which is just $200 shy of the cost to buy one from a talented wig maker on Etsy.

So maybe it isn’t the most cost effective but having built 4 wigs previously using various methods, I am confident in saying this is the most practical, maintainable and functional option.

If you found this helpful, consider sharing this blog post or the video with a friend. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram! Happy crafting!


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