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Belle Gold Dress Tutorial

So you want to build your own Belle gown? Well, you've come to the right place! Below you can watch my full tutorial on how to build your own dress as well as my drafting schematics for the skirt below. Last but not least you can pick up my bodice pattern in my shop (coming soon)!

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-1 yd twill

-1 yard brocade

-1 yd lace

-1 yd of each lace trim


-8 yds (min of 45in wide) aged gold taffeta

-10 yds (min of 45in wide) champagne lace with gold accents

-3 yds brocade for ruffle (min 45in wide)

-5 yds lace trim

-9 yds ruffled lace trim

-3-8 fabric roses

Other notions:

-spiral and flat steel boning

-boning tips

-2 part grommets

-grosgrain ribbon or twill tape

-6 hoop crinoline/ hoop skirt

-matching ribbon for lacing



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